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Human Anatomy Models in Teaching

Giant Molar Anatomical Model

Item# 51DA3BS
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Giant molar with dental cavities for patient educational purposes.

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Upper Abdomen Rear Organs Anatomy Model

Item# 2-22KA3BS
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This anatomically correct replica of the rear organs of the upper abdomen a ...

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Deluxe Asian Dual-Sex Torso Model

Item# 14BA3BS
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This deluxe human torso model is top notch in the field of anatomy, and is ...

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You probably know the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. If a flat, lifeless picture is worth a thousand words then a model must be worth millions. Human anatomy models are a terrific addition to any biology class for all grade levels, from early elementary school up to formal medical classes in colleges and universities. Choosing the right match in human anatomy models for your teaching requirements is essential, since you need them to be comprehensive, yet also practical and within your budget.

Students in elementary through high school grades will find both entire body as well as specific organ human anatomy models extremely helpful in being able to clearly visualize the parts of the body. Models that are three dimensional in design will help the children in understanding the specific shape and size of the organ or body structure in much more realistic terms than just looking at a movie, computer program or through studying a science textbook.

When choosing human anatomy models for children in elementary and middle school staying with the basic models is highly recommended. Too many details can be confusing; however, you do need the model to be accurate and not overly simplified. Some models are sold specifically for use with younger students. They have been designed to be durable, practical and accurate without providing more detail than necessary. Oversized models of some of the body organs such as the eyes, ears, nose and brain are a wonderful way to allow students to clearly see the smallest structures and components.

Models for younger children may or may not have removable parts or features. Keep in mind that removable parts can be lost and these types of models may need supervision in use to prevent this problem. Usually children by the middle to high school are responsible enough to properly use the basic models and replace the large sections or pieces that are removable.  High school and college human anatomy models should be made of durable high quality plastic to avoid damage with regular use. Look for models that are more detailed and more anatomically correct as opposed to simple and basic for this group of learners. Color coding, back displays with written details and information as well as color coding and charts that accompany the model are perfect for self and group study.

Human anatomy models can be very lifelike in their appearance or they can be designed to highlight specific structures with vibrant colors. Both are great options for older students, since they can allow much more detail to be included in the model. Removable small parts or unique types of cross section models are perfect for studying parts of the circulatory, digestive, reproductive and respiratory systems.

For more advanced students in medical or pre-med classes, very detailed and very accurate human anatomy models are essential. Students that have access to these types of models can become comfortable in identifying and working with accurate representations body parts, as well as diseases. Working with human anatomy models in laboratory and classroom activities provides a level of confidence and understand that isn't possible without the model. 


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Clear Sinus Model

Item# 1582GPI
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This full sizemodel displays solid renditions of the paranasal and mastoid ...

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Pre-Molar Anatomical Model

Item# 3-01DA3BS
Retail Price: $129.47
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Lower single root pre-molar anatomical model for dental patient educational ...

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Skin Model, Normal & Acne

Item# 1573GPI
Retail Price: $108.00
Your Price: $93.49

This is an enlarged 2-sided skin cross-section. The acne side displays 3 co ...

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