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Portable & Hand Held Pulse Oximeters

The need for an accurate reading of blood oxygen is vital. The many different models of pulse oximeters from Nellcor are available to suit the specific needs of various medical facilities. Whether it is intended for single testing of many patients, or continuous monitoring of one patient, Nellcor's pulse oximeters offer the accuracy and ease of use that make them second to none.


Taking blood oxygenation levels once required an arterial blood gas measurement, which, prior to the invention of pulse oximetry could take up to thirty minutes in the lab before test results were returned. Today the test just takes five minutes, but it is only useful for spot checking, not continuous monitoring. The drawing of arterial blood is also invasive than using a Nellcor pulse oximeters which makes it prohibitive for many patients such as infants.


Nellcor as introduced the OxiMax technology to increase the accuracy of the readings. Most pulse oximeters only take measurements for 70% to 100% oxygenation, but OxiMax's Oximeter LoSat increases this to 60% to 100%. This creates the most accurate readings at such low saturation levels that is seen no where else. OxiMax is truly on the leading edge. Previously, most of the technological advancements in pulse oximetry have concentrated on the monitor itself, but the OxiMax's Nellcor pulse oximeter have developed their sensors to be just as innovative as their monitors. Unlike older models, which were calibrated in the monitor, OxiMax's Nellcor pulse oximeter from Nellcor have their calibration in the sensor. This expands the options for sensors and the patients for which pulse oximetry can be effectivly used.


Often, there are patients who always pose a difficultly to the clinician who tries to measure blood oxygenation levels. Those with severe burns or low blood flow to the extremities or highly sensitive skin where traditional adhesive sensors cannot be used. There are several sensors where Nellcor pulse oximeters can be used to determine oxygenation levels. Unlike other manufacturers, Nellcor offers sensors that can be used to get the most accurate readings due to their unique calibration even in these difficult to monitor patients. For single-patient use, there is the Nellcor OxiMax Max-Fast forehead sensor as well as the non-adhesive OxiMax SoftCare sensor. These innovative sensors are specific to OxiMax technology used the latest models of Nellcor pulse oximeters.


Depending upon the specific needs of the facility, the portability of the pulse oximeter could be a factor. For spot checking situations, where an easily transported unit is needed, such as in an emergency room or ambulance, a hand held pulse oximeter from Nellcor would be a good option. There are several models from which to choose, including the OxiMax N-65 Handheld pulse oximeter with LoSat technology. This model allows for continuous or spot checking of blood oxygen levels down to 60% instead of the standard 70% when it is used with Oximax sensors. There are also other hand held Nellcore pulse oximeters that are available when portability is the prime factor such as in a clinic or ambulance.


For inpatient continuous monitoring, bedsude pulse oximiters from Nellcor incorporate the latest in OxiMax and LoSat breakthroughs for the most accurate of patient monitoring. All of the bedside pulse oximeters are compatible with the specialty Oximax sensors. This enables the widest range of patients to be monitored continuously. With unceasing monitoring, patient movement can be an issue that results in skewed results, but Nellcor's OxiMax Pulse oximeter due to the technology of their sensors, can still accurately monitor the oxygenation levels for patients even with movement.


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