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2MHz-Doppler Ultrasound Obstetrical Probe
2MHz-Doppler Ultrasound Obstetrical Probe
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2MHz-Doppler Ultrasound Obstetrical Probe


This 2 MHz obstetrical probe is optimized for deep penetration and third trimester pregnancy.



  • Probe uses a standard phone cord to connect the probe to the doppler
  • Our probe crystals are protected by a high quality durable plastic, eliminating the probability of the crystal cracking on those unavoidable drops
  • Probe is individually tuned to the doppler to maximize the performance of the probe
  • Designed with custom chip technology to minimize traditional crackling noise found with ultrasound probes
  • Custom design along with a Dolby stereo speaker produces a theater sound quality
  • Customer can replace the cable with any phone cord and they are up and running in minutes and avoid timely and costly repairs
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