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Adult Incentive Spirometer, 4000mL Handheld Manual Spirometers Clini-Flow Low-Flow Spirometer

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Air-Eze Incentive Deep Breathing Exerciser

Item# 00751729INM

Air-Eze Incentive Deep Breathing Exerciser - Single-patient use
Wide flow rate range from as low as 200cc/sec. to 1200cc/sec. Compact, low-resistance design. Sliding incentive indicator. Single-patient use.
10/28/2009 2:50:35 PM
Question: Will this help to strengthen my lungs?Also... Does this have a different settings to make the exercise more intense?

The device measures the flow rate of air (in cubic centimeters per second) you can push through your lungs.  It is not about resistance built into the device, but rather how quickly and how much air you can expel through your lungs.  With practice you will be able to expand your lungs to hold more air as well as to enable your lungs to force the air out with greater force.

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