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Anthropological Skull
Anthropological Skull
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Anthropological Skull Model

Item# 1-557PVA3BS

This anatomical skull model is the finest casting produced from scientifically made copies of specimens featured in the collection at the Institute of Anthropology and human genetics for biologists.


  • This means that all the details in each skull can be reproduced absolutely accurately
  • This unique replica is supplemented by having it displayed on a pedestal that contains a relief map of the geographical area where the skull specimen was found
  • This skull model is a high-quality casting of a reconstruction of the kalvarium skull with a partial mandible
  • The kalvarium skull is approximately 1.7 million years old and was discovered at Lake Rudolph (now called Lake Turkana) in 1970
  • The partial mandible comes from a different dig but is clearly from the same species
  • The classification of the species that this skull comes from has not yet been indisputably clarified
  • Discussions continue as to whether the anatomical features of this skull specimen points to classification as an australopithecus boisei or a paranthropus boisei
  • Example of a pre-human hominid 
  • Age: about 1.7 million years
  • Skull replica is a great tool for teaching and learning the anatomy of early huminid species


  • 1.7 lbs
  • 7in x 7in x 8.8in

Manufacturer warranty: 3 years

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