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Basic CPR Training Torso Manikin Adult CPR Manikins Basic Full-Body CPR Manikin

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Basic CPR Training Torso Manikins Package

Item# 70144WA3BS

These basic manikin are designed for teaching individuals or large groups the life-saving techniques of CPR.


  • The one-piece
  • Disposable lung/mouth protection bags make this manikin completely sanitary
  • The airway opens using the head tilt/chin lift method and there is a visible chest rise when ventilated
  • The xiphoid process provides an anatomical reference point for hand placement and compressions
  • The manikin also features both adult and child capabilities
  • Includes 5 basic manikins, 50 lung/ mouth protection bags & 1 carry bag


  • 22 lbs

Manufacturer warranty: 3 years

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