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Cavi-Clean Additive Powder Ultrasonic Cleaner Accessories Caviwipes Low Alcohol Surface Disinfectant, 160/can
Liquid Detergent Concentrate
Liquid Detergent Concentrate
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Cavi-Clean Liquid Detergent Concentrate

Item# 2181MET

This all-purpose, biodegradable detergent is specially formulated for use with Cavitator ultrasonic cleaners. It dissolves blood and inhibits rust formation, plus its neutral pH is gentle on the hands and delicate instruments. 1 gallon container, 4/case.


  • All–purpose concentrated detergent formulated
    especially to increase the cleaning
    efficiency of your ultrasonic cleaner 
  • Gentle to the hands and has a neutral pH
  • It will not harm metals or their alloys
  • Blood cutting agents, a rust inhibitor, and
    an excellent wetting and penetrating
    agent are among its features
  • For tougher jobs, use cavi-clean additive
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