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Disposable Thermometer
Disposable Thermometer
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Disposable Oral and Axillary Thermometer, Sterile

Item# 2215DTINM

This disposable oral and axillary thermometer is soft, flexible and non-toxic.


  • These disposable thermometers accurately assess infant, pediatric and adult temperatures
  • Single-Use thermometer is sterile and individually wrapped to reduce risk of cross-transmission of microorganisms
  • Reduce risk of additional hospital stay related to health care-associated infection
  • Provides consistently accurate temperature readings for reliable patient assessment
  • Versatile thermometer can be used to take oral or axilla temperatures
  • Provides a fast reading in 60 seconds for oral temperature
  • Allows you to check other patient vital signs simultaneously with temperature taking
  • Disposable to eliminate time and labor spent on disinfection, recalibration, recharging and repair of electronic and tympanic unit
  • Eliminate expense and risk associated with toxic mercury cleanup and disposal
  • No risk of toxic mercury exposure makes this thermometer a non-toxic and safe choice for patients of all ages
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