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CPR Nursing Patient Care Manikin w/ Intubatable Airway Unisex Manikins Dual Sex One Year Old Infant Patient Care Manikin

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Dual Sex Complete Nursing Skill Manikin

Item# 57044WA3BS

Nursing skills manikin uses life/form molding and modeling techniques to provide an unusually realistic appearance without being age-specific.


  • Decubitus sacral ulcer - stage 1
  • Dilated pupil comparison
  • Cancerous mole comparison
  • Reddened skin folds
  • Complete Range of Motion include:
  • Truck: rotation, hyperextension
  • Neck:  rotation, hyperextension, lateral flexion
  • Shoulder and Hip- abduction, adduction, rotation, hyperextension
  • Elbow: extension, flexion, pronation, supination
  • Knee: extension, flexion
  • Wrist: flexion, hyperextension, radial flexion, ulnar flexion
  • Ankle: eversion, inversion, dorsiflexion, plantar flexion
  • Fingers and toes: abduction, adduction, flexion (soft, lifelike material)

The following nursing and patient care procedures can be performed:

  • Prostate examination (Stage B)
  • Ostomy care (Ileostomy and colostomy lavage and suctioning)
  • Tracheostomy care (lavage and suctioning)
  • Placement of nasogastric tubes
  • Oral and nasal lavage, gavage and suctioning
  • Enema administration (female), pap smears and douching
  • Intramuscular Injection (arms, thigh, buttock)
  • Oral hygiene (removable upper and lower denture)
  • Eye irrigation, bed baths, hair care (washing, combing)
  • Patient positioning and transfer techniques, clothing changes
  • Ear irrigation and hearing aid placement and removal
  • Bandaging and wound dressing (including fingers and toes)
  • Urinary catheterization - female and male
  • Optional IV arm attachment and blood pressure arm delivered in storage carton.


  • 33 lbs

Manufacturer warranty: 3 years

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