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Dual Sex Human Model Human Anatomy Muscle Models Dual Sex Muscular Model, 39 Parts
Deluxe 45 Part Dual Sex Muscle Models
Deluxe 45 Part Dual Sex Muscle Models
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Dual Sex Muscle Model

Item# 05BA3BS

This muscle figure is the finest teaching tool available! Standing over 4 1/2 feet tall, this 3/4 life-size human replica depicts deep and superficial musculature in addition to the bodys major nerves, vessels, tissues and organs in exquisite detail.


  • 5 Arm/shoulder muscles
  • 8 Leg/hip muscles
  • 2-Partremovable heart
  • 5-Part head with removable brain
  • 2-Part removable lungs
  • 2-Part stomach
  • Removable 4-part male and 2-part female genital inserts
  • Detachable arms, leg, head, and abdominal wall for detailed study


  • 55.2in x 20in x 12.8in
  • 27.3 lbs
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