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Dual Sex Torso Anatomical Model 24-parts Human Torso Anatomy Models Dual-Sex Torso w/ Muscular Arm Model
Deluxe 31 Part Dual-Sex Muscle-Torso Mod
Deluxe 31 Part Dual-Sex Muscle-Torso Mod
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Dual-Sex Muscle-Torso Model

Item# 04BA3BS

This deluxe human torso model is top notch in the field of anatomy. This unique torso depicts both the superficial and deep muscles, and the two main muscles.


  • 6-Part head
  • Chest and abdominal wall with muscles
  • 7th thoracic vertebra
  • Female mammary gland
  • Gluteus maximus and deltoid muscle
  • 2 Lungs
  • 2-Part heart
  • 2-Part stomach
  • Liver with gall bladder
  • 4-Part intestinal tract
  • Front half of kidney
  • 3-Part female genital insert with embryo \
  • 4-Part male genital insert


  • 34.2in x 15.2in x 10in
  • 20 lbs

Manufacturer warranty: one year

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