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Dual Sex One Year Old Infant Patient Care Manikin Unisex Manikins Elderly Patient Manikin w/ Interchangeable Genitalia
Susie Simon Patient Care Manikin
Susie Simon Patient Care Manikin
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Dual Sex Patient Care Manikin w/o Ostomy

Item# 01054WA3BS

This manikin provides practice in a wide range of skills from basic nursing through advanced nursing and clinical care.


  • Fully movable neck, arms and legs
  • Soft skin of feet, fingers, and toes for added realism
  • Movable jaw with tongue
  • Removable dentures
  • Interchangeable external genital organs allow female and male catheterisation
  • Oral, nasal, optic, tracheotomy and gastronomy openings
  • Transverse colostomy stoma - ileostomy stoma - suprapubic stoma
  • Detachable at waist for ease of storage
  • Meets all OBRA requirements
  • Supplied with neck brace
  • Please click here to view this manikin with ostomy


  • Shipping box dimensions: 42.5in x 21.5in x 11.75in
  • Shipping weight: 32.63 lbs

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