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Injection Arm
Injection Arm
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Injection Arm

Item# 29054WA3BS

This right arm combines all features required for I.V., I.M. and subcutaneous injection and infusion training as well as blood collection exercises


  • I.V. injection in subtle venous network of arm and hand: cephalic, basilic, antecubital, radial and ulnar veins
  • A pressure bulb increase or decrease enables venous pressure
  • I.M. injection in deltoid area
  • Subcutaneous injection on the volar side of the forearm and the lateral side of the arm
  • Supplied with artificial blood, blood dispensing bag, funnel, talcum powder, replacement skin and veins, base and carrying bag


  • Dimensions: 29.9in x 5.9in x 5.9 in
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