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Nellcor Compatible Pediatric 45cm Human Foam Tape Sensors Disposable Finger Sensors Nellcor MAX-A Adult Adhesive Disposable Sensor (24 per case)

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Nellcor D-25 Adult Adhesive Disposable Sensor (24 per case)


Nellcor Oxisensor II D-25 Adult Adhesive Sensors maintain strong signals from weak pulses right from the start and provide a comfortable, secure fit for long-term monitoring.

Special OxiMax Sensor Features:

  • New with 1 year warranty
  • Designed for Adult  >30 kg (>63 lbs)
  • Built-in shielding for both the bandage and the cable to protect the signal during transmission 
  • Bright, high-quality LEDs to maximize signal tracking capabilities 
  • One-piece bandage construction with visible alignment marks for ease of use and patient comfort 
  • High quality, nonconstrictive, self-adhesive bandage material for a “second-skin” fit 
  • Sensor are latex-free 
  • Sterile for single-patient use, to minimize the potential for cross-contamination 
  • Recyclable. Decreases medical waste and sensor expenditures (U.S. only) 
  • Compatible with many leading patient monitoring systems 

Indications for Usage:

  • For use in almost any care setting 
  • For use on neonate through adult patients
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