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Nellcor MAX-A Adult Adhesive Disposable Sensor (24 per case) Disposable Finger Sensors Nellcor MAX-I Infant Adhesive Disposable Sensor (24 per case)

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Nellcor Max-Fast Adult Adhesive Disposable Forehead Sensor


An integral part of the OxiMax pulse oximetry system, our new breed of intelligent, interactive oximax sensors provides added functionality for clinicians. As always, Nellcor offers a sweeping array of sensor choices to meet diverse patient needs. You can choose from our full line of adhesive, reusable and specialty sensors equipped with the digital memory chip to give you OxiMax power.

Max-Fast Adhesive Forehead Sensor:

Because of its unique operating characteristics, the max-fast adhesive forehead sensor operates only with OxiMax technology, and it has a white connector plug to distinguish it from other Nellcor sensors. Future OxiMax-designed sensors will also have the white plug to identify them as exclusively for use with OxiMax monitors.

Special OxiMax Sensor Features:

  • New with 1 year warranty
  • Designed for adults > 10 kg (20 lbs)
  • Sensors that talk to you: The sensor messages function provides caregivers with sensor application tips
  • Quick patient status: Clinicians can use the sensor event report function to quickly review alarm events that occurred while the sensor was on the patient

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