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Neuron Cell Body Model Human Nervous System Models Schwann Cells of the PNS Model
Physiology of Nerves Series - 5 Models,
Physiology of Nerves Series - 5 Models,
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Physiology of Nerves Series

Item# 04CA3BS

The Physiology of Nerves series displays the basic structures of the human nervous system. Each of the five sections of the nerve model shows a plastic colored relief model of the main synapse variations.


  • Neuron cell body typical neuron body with cell organelles, are visible through a removable transparent cover
  • The edge of the cell body also shows the synapses of connected neurons
  • Shows the glial cells which build the insulating layer around the axons of the central nervous system
  • Schwann cells of the PNS depicts a schwann cell with sectioned core
  • Motor end plate neuromuscular junction with striated muscle fibre is depicted


  • 27.2in x 20.4in x 1.2in
  • 9 lbs

Manufacturer warranty: 1 year

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