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Caucasian CPR Torso
Caucasian CPR Torso
Caucasian CPR Torso  African American CPR Torso
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Poly-Bagged Torso CPR Trainer

Item# 57074WA3BS

 This CPR poly-bagged torso is intended for the general public, specifically anyone who wants to learn basic CPR skills, choking relief and AED awareness.


  • “All-in-One” training kit
  • Allows users to learn skills anywhere from large group settings to the
  • comfort of their own home
  • This kit is designed to be shared among close family and friends
  • For every kit distributed, it is estimated that 2.5 additional people are trained
  • Teaches CPR using the AHA’s research-proven “practice while watching” technique, which allows users to watch and learn lifesaving skills while practicing on a personal manikin
  • The fully bilingual English & Spanish) kit helps extend lifesaving training to more people
  • Reflects new science in the official 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care
  • Skin tone is available in light skin or dark skin
  • Please click the options tab to select desired skin tone

Teaches the Following Basic Skills in about 20 minutes:

  • Adult hands-only CPR
  • Child CPR (including delivery of breaths)
  • Adult and child choking relief
  • General AED awareness


  • 1 Bilingual (English/Spanish) DVD
  • 1 Poly-Bagged Mini CPR personal manikin
  • 1 Bilingual (English/Spanish) skills reminder card
  • 1 Mini manikin replacement lung
  • Manikin wipes

Please note: Completion of this kit does not result in receipt of an AHA course completion card.

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