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Rectum Model w/ Pathologies
Rectum Model w/ Pathologies
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Rectum Model w/ Pathologies

Item# 0533GPI

This is a 1.5 times life size cut-away model displaying pathologies in the rectum. It is a very useful teaching tool.


  • Pathologies include: ulcerative colitis, internal and external fistula, internal and external hemorrhoids, annular cancer, sessile polyp, submucosal abscess, skin tag, pedunculated polyp, supralevator abscess, ischiorectal abscess, cryptitis, diverticulum, condyloma acuminatum, fissure and condyloma latum
  • Comes with an informational card


  • Model: 5.5in x 2.5in x 7in 
  • Card: 6.5in x 5.25in

Manufacturer warranty: 1 year

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