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Poly-Bagged Torso CPR Trainer Adult CPR Manikins Single Adult & Child CPR Training Manikin

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Rescue CPR Training Manikin with Skill Guide

Item# 81591WA3BS

This lifelike CPR training manikin is specially designed for child resuscitation and rescue techniques.


  • Naturally occluded airway can be opened with head tilt/chin lift and jaw trust techniques
  • Carotid pulse simulation
  • Convenient disposable airways to reduce clean up time
  • Removable/reusable faces
  • Uses the same faces/airways as the little junior CPR training manikin
  • This CPR manikin is suitable for water rescue training with a Water Rescue Update Kit


  • A hard plastic carry case
  • Training mat
  • Skill guide unit
  • Track suit
  • 4 Junior faces
  • 4 Junior airways
  • 1 bottle of high level manikin disinfectant and directions for use 

Manufacturer warranty: 3 years

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