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Ultrasonic Cleaners: Keeping Your Office Safe and Free of Contaminants.

It’s not like practicing medicine or working in the medical field is without its challenges.  Most jobs have a few major details that can’t be overlooked.  When you are working with someone’s health and very safety, those important details tend to get fairly numerous.  As anyone from the nursing assistant, to the nurse, to the lab tech, to the doctor will agree, cleanliness is one of the most vital aspects of taking care of patients.  That cleanliness includes the condition of the exam or operating room, the sterility of the instruments and tools to be used, and the state of the medical personnel’s’ hands and uniforms.  Over time, scientists have found that it is pretty easy to accidentally introduce harmful contaminants into the body.  As a result, ultrasonic cleaners were formulated to address this potential problem, at least as far as properly cleaned instruments were concerned.


One of the easiest ways to purchase ultrasonic cleaners is in a pack of the essentials.  This ensures that you always have the products you need on hand to get the job done right and safely every time.  You can expect to find an ultrasonic cleaner cleaning basket in many of the packages offered.  This piece of equipment is naturally, wonderful for retrieving the cleaned items from the machine itself.  Another piece of equipment that is standard in the start up or replacement packages for ultrasonic cleaners is the cleaner cover.  These covers are typically made out of stainless steel.  Everyone knows that stainless steel is used in applications in the medical field and oddly enough, in the culinary world, because it is well known for its impenetrable surface and is easy to keep clean.  In this application, the stainless steel cover is used to keep any biologically active contaminants safely contained. 


As with any other system designed to properly clean items, the ultrasonic cleaners also have to have the proper detergents to successfully clean the instruments used in your practice.  For most ultrasonic cleaning systems, a liquid detergent is first on your list of the necessary items.  These useful detergents are made to dissolve potentially harmful contaminants like blood, saliva, and other bodily fluids.  An added bonus to the liquid detergents for ultrasonic cleaners is that it is also formulated to be reduce and eliminate rust formation, is easy on the skin of the hands, and isn’t damaging to the more delicate instruments commonly used in everyday medical practice.


Another type of detergent to consider when you are putting together your office’s ultrasonic cleaner system is an additive powder.  These high powered powders aren’t for every cleaning cycle.  However, they are incredibly useful in taking care of the harder to clean instruments.  Used with the liquid detergent, its purpose is to increase the cleaning ability of the standard detergent.  And also like the liquid detergent, the additive powder is made to dissolve blood and other contaminants as well as inhibit the formation of rust. 


In addition to a great medical team and satisfied patients, an ultrasonic cleaning system that works is one of the greatest assets any medical office can have.