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X-Ray Films & Accessories

If you’ve been searching for the finest x-ray illuminators, x-ray film processors, x-ray films, new and used x-ray equipment and accessories on the market, your search ends here.  Our on line inventory carries a vast range of the newest state of the art x-ray equipment and materials.  We invite you to browse our updated product line and you’ll see that we’ve designed our web site to be convenient and easy to navigate so you can find all of your specific equipment and supply needs at one location.  If you’re a Radiologist or X-Ray Tech, look no further than Medical Supplies and Equipment Company as your first class provider for all of your particular needs in x-ray films, x-ray cassettes, full x-ray systems, and all of your new and used x-ray equipment needs.


Our on line catalog features the finest single bank and double bank x-ray illuminators on the market.  The 200 Series Illuminators and Spinevue Illuminators are popular choices for today’s demanding radiology professional.  Both models are exceptionally reliable and their durable aluminum construction will not chip or wear.  They feature Flex Hold film holding systems with a polymer coating to prevent film scratching.  The Econo-Vue Illuminators are cost effective and have a sturdy steel frame with a white powder coat finish.  They feature upper and lower film grips as well as two fluorescent bulbs with light reflector panels for easy viewing.

If you’re in need of a state of the art x-ray system, we have two of the best systems in the medical field.  The Zenith Chiro 200 System features a convenient operator console with intuitive symbols, digital readouts, and an easy to read LCD display.  It is programmed with correction factors for obese, muscular, pediatric patients, or for patients with Osteoporosis.  This eliminates the need to retake films usually attributed to operator error.  The Zenith Chiro HF20 System features a convenient two point technique selection, with the 20 kHz generator automatically selecting the highest mA and shortest exposure time.  It also features total operator control and focal spots between 1mm and 2mm.


For quick and professional top quality x-ray processing, our inventory includes a state of the art x-ray film processor.  The Automatic Tabletop Processor features everything you demand in a film processor.  It includes a light and tight feed tray, evaporation cover, replenishment filter, screen filter, a low noise level, and it is UL approved.

We carry a vast supply of the finest x-ray films, film cassettes, and other x-ray accessories.  The best films on the market are the Intex AGFA films, appropriate for a wide range of general radiographic procedures providing excellent detail throughout the diagnostic range.  These films are designed to provide consistent and reliable results in all situations and applications including various processing conditions.  We carry a Film Developer Solution that is compatible with all brands of film, exceeding manufacturer’s recommendations for speed, contrast and base plus fog.  We carry a premium quality Film Fixer which provides superior clearing and drying of all films and is compatible with inline silver recovery units.  We also a feature a wide variety of Intex Deluxe Film Cassettes and Intex ValuMax Film Cassettes.  For your radiology office we offer top of the line accessories such as the X’Sport Extremity Support X-Ray Table, Economy X-Ray Aprons, X-Ray “In Use” Signs, and X-Ray Pencils.


Whatever your specifications may be for x-ray viewers, x-ray films, and any of your x-ray equipment needs, allow us to be your primary provider for the best x-ray products and accessories in the industry. For any questions or assistance, please call us toll free at 1-877-706-4480.