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Looking at a 3D Human Brain Model

Dentition Development Model

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The dentition development model for dental eduacation purposes.

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Standard Sacrum and Coccyx Model

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This high quality model details thehuman sacrum and coccyx.

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Skin Cancer Disk Set

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This model presents full size and enlarged views of dysplastic nevus, actin ...

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For most medical and anatomy students, the human brain is one of the most fascinating organs to study. Having a 3D human brain model that provides the opportunity for students to examine the different parts of the brain in a variety of ways is always a good learning opportunity. This type of 3D human brain model can be used to supplement classroom discussions and lecture materials or to allow the students time for self-study and review. There are different styles and types of 3D human brain models available and having more than one type on hand in a teaching environment is highly recommended.

A standard brain model that shows the exterior features if of the brain is ideal for an introductory lesson or laboratory project. This type of model is also practical for small group lessons as the highly color coded parts of the brain are easy to see and identify. The brain is typically displayed as the right side of the brain. Some of the best companies that make these high quality brain model displays will also allow for customization of models, allowing the features highlighted or depicted to the specifications required for a particular class or lesson. These customized options in a 3D human brain model can be very valuable teaching assets for any level of student work.

The normal 3D human brain model will include all the exterior features of the brain. This includes the frontal, parietal, occipital and temporal lobe. Each of the lobes is defined by a different color that is easily distinguished from the adjoining lobes and structures. In addition to the major lobes the brain, this neurological model also displays the cerebellum, interthalamic adhesion, corpus callosum, pons, and the midbrain-central peduncle. Additionally the highly specialized brain structures such as the olfactory bulb, optic nerve, optic chiasm, mammillary body and the Medulla oblongata are also clearly displayed on the model.

For an alternative type of 3D human brain model that allows students to explore how the brain is located within the skull, a brain and partial skull model is just the right tool to use. This model features an entire human brain in the lower part of the skull with all facial features clearly depicted. The brain itself is split in two with a normal half and a diseased half. The half of the brain that shows a variety of pathologies further divides into three sections to show the specific internal and external features of the conditions. These include the effects of chronic alcoholism, depression related tumors, seizure related tumors and migraines. In addition the three parts also include the results of multiple sclerosis, subdural hematoma, Parkinson's disease, stroke and Alzheimer's disease. The card that accompanies this brain model provides further information about the various diseases and conditions are related changes in the brain's structure.

Using these two 3D human brain model options together can assist students in developing a greater understanding of both normal brain functioning as well as the results of various conditions and diseases.

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