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Buying a 3D Anatomical Foot Model

Anatomical Foot Skeleton Model

Anatomical Foot Skeleton Model

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Foot pains, injuries, and conditions are a common complaint in most medical facilities. Many people don't realize the complexity of the human foot and how interconnected all the bones, tendons and ligaments really are. In addition they often don't realize the literal pounding that feet take every day as we walk around, exercise, and move about. Doctors often have a hard time explaining to patients just how their footwear, gait or activities are harming or injuring their feet.

One simple way to clearly allow your patients to see the complexity of the foot is with a 3d anatomical foot model. These models are full size and remarkably accurate in all aspects of their appearance. The best quality models will include the ankle and the foot including the bottom portion of the tibia and fibula. Other features that should be included in the model include the Achilles tendon, the various ligaments, the toes and the cuboid bone.  Many of the best models also display the calcaneonavicular (spring) ligament with highlighted plantar fasciitis, since this is a very common and often incredibly painful condition.

Finding a 3d anatomical foot model may not be as easy as finding other types of medical and anatomical models. While some medical supply stores may carry a variety of anatomical models, the foot model may not be a regular stock item. Typically these stores tend to stock only the major joint models such as the knee, elbow, hip and shoulder. These stores are usually able to special order a 3d anatomical foot model but this often take several days to weeks to arrive.

In larger cities colleges or universities may have a foot model in stock in the bookstore or university science supply store. Unfortunately, these tend to be rather expensive when compared to other shopping options. You may also find that the quality of models is not as high as are required in a medical office. The good news is that there is a very easy, low cost way to find a 3d anatomical foot model without any hassle or time away from the practice.

Buying a 3d anatomical foot model or any anatomical model online is now as easy as ordering gauze, gloves, or any of your other medical supplies. There are many different online companies offering a 3d anatomical foot model but you do have to consider several factors when choosing a model. Looking for high quality manufacturing is essential and shopping directly from the manufacturing company is always a good option. This ensures that you are getting a high quality product not a cheaper model or option.

Buying any type of anatomical model, including a 3d anatomical foot model online is very convenient. You can shop literally 24/7 every day of the year. The best companies provide contact information that is readily available and also clearly list their guarantees and return policy. This information is not only helpful in determine which company is more focused on customer service, but it also shows that the company has your satisfaction in mind.

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