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Nasal CPAP mask

Nasal CPAP mask

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Daytime sleepiness can be a result of sleep apnea. This is a serious condition which requires prompt treatment. In some cases, sleep apnea leads to an increase risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and accidents. When the patient has his sleep apnea symptoms controlled, these risks can be lessened. Occasionally surgery might be required for the most severe cases, but the physician will likely prescribe a  CPAP mask and machines. The usefulness of these systems is directly tied to their use, and the fit of the CPAP masks, which must be used nightly.


For any patient with severe sleep apnea, a CPAP machines is one of the most effective treatments available; however it is only a viable regime if the patient uses the system properly. Perhaps the most important component of the machines is the CPAP mask. An ill-fitting mask will not be worn by the patient. Additionally, if the mask is too loose, air will leak out of the sides, and not get into the patient's lungs. This is why the physician must emphasis to the patient that he finds a CPAP mask which will fit his face, and he finds comfortable to wear for the entire night.


For optimal fit and comfort, the mask should have a feature to quiet sound of the airflow. Many patients complain about the noise of the system, but the right mask can cut down on this excess sound. Another feature desirable for the patient's comfort, and thus continued use of his CPAP machines, is a  CPAP mask with a feature that allows it to move with the patient. Most people do not stay in the same position throughout the night, and a mask which moves with the sleeper will ensure that the treatment is delivered continuously.


The most common type of CPAP mask is one which covers the nose only. These are called nasal masks . Unlike masks which cover both the nose and mount nasal masks force air into the nose only. These are less constraining than full masks, and they are often more comfortable and easier to wear for the patient. Regardless of the form of mask, it should be cleaned regularly since bacteria could form inside the machine or mask and cause respiratory infections. Should any symptoms of a respiratory ailment occur, the patient should inform his physician and make sure that the doctor is aware the patient is using a CPAP system.


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