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Electronic Kitchen Scales Take The Guesswork Out Of Measuring

In-Floor Platform Wheelchair Scale

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The platform (48 x 36in)is level with the floor for easy access, so it also ...

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Optional Floor Stand for Veterinary Scales

Item# 1620BKS
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This optional floor stand is to be used in conjunction with our veterinary ...

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Digital Column Weighing Scale - 250 lbs. Capacity

Item# 052SRD
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The DRS Series Scale is a professional quality scale offering exceptional a ...

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If you are a home chef or just enjoy whipping up a quick meal for friends and family, electronic kitchen scales are a great investment that will only help your cooking skills improve. Of course electronic scales are also terrific for those monitoring portion control or working on a specific diet where measuring and accurately recording food consumption is required. Since most people don't have a good sense of portion control, having easy to use, read and maintain electronic kitchen scales can really make a big difference in achieving your dietary changes and weight loss goals.


Electronic kitchen scales are far different from the old balance types of scales that took a significant skill to both balance and read. The new models of kitchen scales are durable, lightweight and as easy to read and operate as typical bathroom scales, all with a simple digital read out. Although there are several different styles and models, most have a flat stainless steel, aluminum or durable plastic tray that slides onto the scale for holding items and food. All the operator has to do is place the food on the plate or tray and press the button to provide a digital read out of the weight of the item.


One feature to consider when selecting an  kitchen scale is the maximum weight possible for the scale. Many of the newer models of kitchen scales will measure both metric and standard and some will even calculate conversions right from the scale read-out. In general most standard electronic kitchen scales will have a maximum weight capacity of 11 pounds, however this is generally much more than the average home chef will need to weigh and measure at one time.


The read out for most electronic kitchen scales will be digital, however some will show fractions while others will only provide the weight in decimals. Either option is fine provided the user is comfortable with that type of information. The digital read out should be easy to see and read in order to avoid mistakes. Additionally some electronic kitchen scales also have backlighting options with LED displays, great for working on counter areas that may not be brightly lit. Other options available on some models include a pull out digital display, which makes it easy to read the numbers even around large bowls or objects on the scale. This is also handy if you are weighing numerous items as you don't have to keep bending over to read the information every time you want to weigh an item.


Scales that have a tare function are also essential. Most  kitchen scales have this tare feature which automatically balances the scales to account for a plate, bowl or other container. Basically to use this function you place the container on the scale, press the tare function button and then add the items to be weighed. The scale automatically subtracts the original weight of the container from the read out display, providing a highly accurate measurement.


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