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How To Use A Hypertension Model In An Examination Room

Hypertension Model

Hypertension Model

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Anytime medical staff talk to patients about some of the more invisible or non-symptomatic conditions, it can be challenging to get your point across. Having the option to use a anatomical model that allows you to point out and emphasis how the condition can impact and negatively effect multiple systems or organs in the body is highly beneficial. One such condition is hypertension, which is a very common and often misunderstood diagnosis.

Having a hypertension model in the room with the patient can allow you, as the physician, to focus in on the specific health issues associated with high blood pressure. The model should include all the major organs typically of concern with the disease including the eyes, arteries, kidneys, heart and the brain. Based on the hypertension model specific discussions involving the various organs that can be affected is then possible. A good idea is to use the large hypertension model to give the overview, and then include specific body organ models to add detail. However, for most patients, the larger model will include the level of detail needed to have very significant discussions.

A hypertension model in the patient examination room can also help the patient in learning a bit while waiting for the doctor to arrive. Strategically placed models will entice even the most reluctant patient to take a look at the information and the model itself. The card that is placed behind or as a part of the model gives a brief but effective synopsis of the disease and potential damage to the body part that can be caused by hypertension. This information is presented in very simple, straightforward methods that can be reviewed by patients on their own or used as talking points for the doctor. Using the card to talk to the patient ensures that you cover all the major concerns and don't get sidetracked on discussing just one symptom or possible health issue.

In America approximately 74.5 million people over the age of twenty have high blood pressure, which relates to a ratio of one in three Americans with the condition. It is even more worrying to note that almost 55.9 percent of that population are aware of the diagnosis but do not have it under control. Surprisingly in most patients the exact cause of this high blood pressure level is unknown. Research has shown that diet, gender, family history, aging and smoking and alcohol consumption are all seen as contributing factors to the disease. Using the hypertension model moves the patient's focus away from the sometimes unanswerable question of what caused the condition to how to control it.

Patients with hypertension but no clear external symptoms will benefit from viewing and using the hypertension model because they will see what treatment can prevent. For patients with significant health concerns the hypertension model is effective in linking or explaining how the various health concerns are related.  Both groups of patients can clearly see on the model how medical intervention and healthier lifestyle choices can help minimize any future risk.

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