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Nellcor Pulse Oximeters

Refurbished Pulse Oximeter with Waveform

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Thisis a pulse oximeter with waveform designed for supporting an optionalse ...

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Pediatric Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

Item# C5 Child Pulse Ox
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This pediatric finger tip pulse oximeter also Includes free hard and protec ...

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Nico Cardiopulmonary System

Item# 4248-483BEM
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The NICO® monitor, measures cardiac output based on changes in respirat ...

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Patients need immediate care upon admission to the hospital. Being able to quickly and accurately assess their vitals is paramount to giving them optimal care. Those entering the emergency room, especially if they arrive unconscious, must be triaged promptly. Along with pulse and blood pressure, oxygen levels must be determined in order to gage whether or not the patient must be administered supplemental oxygen. This is why a pulse oximeters from Nellcore is just as vital a piece of medical equipment as a stethoscopes or blood pressure cuff.


Unnecessary use of supplemental oxygen could cause more harm than good. If a patient is being continuously monitored by a Nellcor pulse oximeters for oxygenation levels, and is using either a mask or breathing tube, hyperventilation could be present without detection. This is why it is important to properly measure the patient's blood oxygenation levels with a Nellcor pulse oximeters while he is breathing unaided. A nurse can do this during triage or admission with a hand held  pulse oximeters from Nellcor, which are ideal for environments where a single spot test is all that is needed for the moment, such as in an emergency room. The information on pulse and oxygenation levels can be printed out directly from the unit. This saves the nurse the time it takes to write out the data by hand. It also lesses the chance of human error in writing or reading hand scribed information on a patient's form. A single misread digit can lead to an incorrect treatment for the patient. This could prove fatal. For the well being of patients, all portable Nellcor pulse oximeters units have a printing option, either built in, portable, or remote. The unit selected will depend upon its overall features and the specific uses for which it is intended.


Spot checks have their use, but after a patient has been admitted, or during surgery, his blood oxygen will need to be continuously monitored. This ensures that he is properly oxygenated during or following the procedure; thereby reducing the likelihood of death due to hypoxemia that goes without detection. Larger bedside Nellcor pulse oximeters have various features that make them desirable for monitoring of patients in wards such as optional central station network alarms and forehead sensors. The bedside  oximeters from Nellcor have a wider range of monitoring. They are capable of accurately detecting oxygenation levels of 60% to 100%, rather than the standard 70% to 100%. This makes these units the best choice for those frustrated clinicians who have difficultly determining the blood oxygen of infants or those with congenital heart disease.


When only the best, most accurate medical equipment is needed, pulse oximeters from Nellcor should be the only choice for those in the medical health field in order to offer the best patient care possible.


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