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Combined Transparent Skull
Combined Transparent Skull
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Combined Transparent Skull

Item# 282AA3BS

The new bonellike skulls are made of a new material that allows an absolutely natural reproduction of even finest anatomical structures of the human skull for the first time.


  • Bones have natural feel and almost exactly the weight of a natural bone
  • The right, transparent skull half allows the study of important anatomical details, such as the location of the paranasal sinuses
  • The teeth from the skull are removable for detailed studies. In addition, the external masticator muscles (masseter and temporal muscles) are represented on the bony skull half
  • To demonstrate masticator movement, the lower jaw in the skull is mounted flexibly
  • These features also make the skull especially valuable for dentists
  • The skull can be disassembled into both halves of the skullcap and base of skull, the nasal septum, the complete mandible and both masticator muscles. This replica is a valuable addition to any study of the human anatomy


  • 1.2 lbs
  • 6.2in x 5.5in x 8in

Manufacturer warranty: 3 years

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