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CT Bronchial Tree w/ Larynx
CT Bronchial Tree w/ Larynx
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CT Bronchial Tree w/ Larynx

Item# 32GA3BS

This unique CT bronchial tree model with larynx was created on the basis of computer tomography data of a human (male, approx. 40 years).


  • Hyoid bone
  • Epiglotts
  • Trachea
  • Primary and lobar bronchi
  • Larynx is detachable at level of second tracheal cartilage
  • Larynx is divisible in median plane
  • Epiglottis on bronichal tree and larynx ismounted flexibly
  • Made of elastic material
  • Depicted in various transparent colors


  • 8.8in x 7.2in x 15in
  • .8 lbs
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