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Dual Sex Human Models
Dual Sex Human Models
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Dual Sex Human Model

Item# 35BA3BS

This totally new life-size (68in) male/female model facilitates an understanding of human anatomy like no other human anatomy model in the world.


  • 2-Part head
  • Brain half
  • M. sternocleido stoideus
  • M. Deltoideus
  • M. Biceps brachii
  • M. Triceps brachii
  • M. Palmaris longus with m. Felxior carpi radialis
  • M. Brachioradialis with m. Extensor carpi radialis
  • Skin of the left arm
  • Muscled leg, upper part
  • Muscle leg, lower part
  • Skin of the left leg
  • Abdominal cover
  • Mammary gland
  • 2 Removable lungs
  • 2-Part removable heart
  • Removable Liver
  • 2-Part removable stomach
  • Removable kidney half
  • 4-Part removable intestines
  • 3-Part female genital insert with embryo
  • 4-Part male genital
  • M. Satorius
  • M. Gluteus maximus
  • M. Rectus femoris
  • M. Gastrocnemius
  • M. Biceps femoris cap. l. with m. semitendinosus


  • 69.6 in
  • 89 lbs
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