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Mini Heart Model Set
Mini Heart Model Set
Mini Heart Model Set Opened Heart
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Mini Heart Model Set

Item# 0552GPI

This set of three models is approximately 50% actual size, and show a normal heart as well as a heart with a myocardial infarction  and one with congestive heart failure.


  • Normal heart
  • Heart with myocardial infarction, demonstrating a partially healed, thinned, and discolored infarcted area. Including a thrombus in the apex of the heart
  • Heart with congestive heart failure as a result of hypertension. The left ventricle hypertrophy and the correspondingly enlarged and distorted shape of the heart is shown both internally and externally
  • Includes an informational card


  • Normal and myocardial infarction models: 4in x 2.25in x 1.75in
  • Congestive heart failure model: 4in x 2.5in x 2.25in
  • Card: 8.25in x 6.25in

Manufacturer warranty: 1 year

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