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Defibrillator Paper Options For All Needs

F-FOLD Recording Paper for Fukuda Denshi

F-FOLD Recording Paper for Fukuda Denshi

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in stock Unit: 50/case
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F-FOLD Recording Paper for Burdick

F-FOLD Recording Paper for Burdick

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in stock Unit: 10/case
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ROLL Recording Paper for Burdick

ROLL Recording Paper for Burdick

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In the medical field there often seems to be an endless need for supplies, parts, instruments, hardware, software, machines and tools that keeping track of everything literally is a full time job. However, each of these small little pieces is absolutely necessary when a patient's life is on the line. Having all supplies on hand to work even the most complex piece of medical equipment is essential at all times. This couldn't be truer than when you stop and consider something as simple ad defibrillator paper and what it would mean if you didn't have a roll when an emergency arose.


Defibrillator machines also don't all take identical paper, although most of the newer models of hospital use defibrillators do. Of course the smaller portable units may not require paper and rather will have a way to transmit the information electronically or wirelessly to the main hospital where the data is recorded and reviewed. Since the vast majority of the hospital defibrillators will be used frequently, especially in the emergency and critical treatment areas, having enough paper on hand will be a priority for the person in charge of ordering supplies and maintaining inventory.


With the variety of defibrillators on the market used in hospitals the specific type of paper will be essential.

Many online medical supply companies offer the option of matching your defibrillator manufacturer and model number with a product number from their inventory. This ensures that when the paper arrives it will match the tray and paper system used by that specific machine. Many use a fan fold design of the paper which is very easy to detach when the test is completed. This paper can then be added into the patient's chart and file for increased accuracy in comparing results over time. The grids on the paper are used to make noting changes in the trace as simple as possible. Often red grids with a black trace are the most common paper types used by hospitals, clinics and emergency treatment facilities. This style is sold in pads which typically range between 10 and 50 pads per box.


Defibrillator paper can also be sold by the roll. The rolls themselves will typically be either 50mm or 100mm in width and some defibrillator machine brands will hold either width. Again, checking the make and model number of the defibrillator against the suppliers product chart is the best way to ensure you get the right paper on the first order. Rolls can be sold in boxes of 10 and then cases, with up to five boxes per case for a total of 50 rolls.


The good news for those responsible for shopping for medical supplies for the hospital, unit, clinic or facility is that online medical supply companies make the ordering part of this chore very easy. Downloading a catalogue and double checking that the paper you are ordering will fit in your defibrillator is about the most work you have to do. Placing the order online is very simple and the product is delivered right to the location you specify.


MSEC remains dedicated to providing the very best and the very latest in medical supplies and equipment.  We never cease to be on the lookout for the latest innovation that will benefit both our many clients and the patients they dedicate their lives to caring for.  If you have any difficulty finding your choices in our vast inventory, call our customer service at 1-877-706-4480 to speed up your order or to make a special request.  We are always happy to help you.