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EEG Paper For Hospitals And Medical Testing Centers

ROLL Recording Paper for Hewlett Packard

Item# 1242248PRM
Retail Price: $25.80
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ROLL 50mm x 30.48mm (100 ft) for 43110A/M/MC by Hewlett Packard

in stock Unit: 10/pack
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F-FOLD Recording Paper for Kendall-LTP

Item# 7531296PRM
Retail Price: $185.16
Your Price: $141.07

F-FOLD 214mm x 280mm x 300pgs by Kendall-LTP

in stock Unit: 8/case
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F-FOLD Recording Paper for Medtronics

Item# 2250176PRM
Retail Price: $215.40
Your Price: $166.94

F-FOLD 216mm x 280mm x 300pgs for Compustress by Medtronics

in stock Unit: 8/case
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There are many different conditions that require the use of an electroencephalogram or EEG to test the electrical activity within the brain. Just a few of the many uses of this valuable tool include the diagnosis of epilepsy, narcolepsy and dementia, the validation of brain activity in an individual in a coma or the monitoring of brain wave activity when a patient is in surgery or under general anesthesia. Often a factor that isn't top on the list of considerations for many patients when being tested on an EEG is the paper, but for medical professionals it is a real concern.


Having not only the right paper for the EEG machine brand and model number but also a very high quality paper is key. This is because even slight imperfections in the surface of the paper may result in inaccurate results on the graph or tracing resulting from the impulses detected by the leads. The surface of the paper is designed to be absolutely imperfection free, at least to the smoothness required to avoid any possible inaccuracies in the tracing and recording. This care and attention to the smallest detail of the paper is critical, especially since the EEG paper and machine can be used at different speeds.


Purchasing EEG paper is not difficult, but you do need some very specific information. You must know the specific machine type or brand, as well as the model number or series number. In addition you will also need to know the paper size, typically measured in millimeters (mm) for verification of the order. From this information you can then get the product or code number for the respective paper supplier and be guaranteed the right paper arrives every time.


There is considerable difference in the amount of paper per box and per case. Not all manufacturers offer the same options with regards to qualities of paper in a box or boxes in the case. Depending on the size of your hospital or facility, the amount of storage space you have as well as the amount of use your EEG machine gets the size of the case may or may not be a factor. Typically, as with most medical supplies, buying the larger cases with more paper per case will result in a lower overall unit price. Just how much this savings is depends largely on the supplier you are working with. In some cases if you have a large order or a reoccurring order for EEG paper combined with other medical imagine or medical graph paper you may be able to a sizable discount. This may be in the form of a flat rate discount, free shipping or preferred customer discount.


Storing EEG paper, especially if you buy in large quantities that may sit for awhile, needs to be given consideration. Keep the boxes in a dry, dust free location and be sure to avoid stacking items on the boxes that may possibility bend or indent the paper as even a slight indentation can cause problems with the tracer when going through the machine. 


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